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Director Anders Engström

Anders Engström (Born 1962 in Uusikaarlepyy, Finland) studied film at the London International Film School.

Anders Engström is directing two Vares Films: The Kiss of Evil and The Path of the Righteous Men.

He made his breakthrough with the drama series "Stories from a small town" produced by Academy award winning producer Jörn Donner. He became a sought after director in Sweden and directed high profile crime and thriller projects such as “Anna Holt Polis” “Insider” “Wallander” “Irene Huss” and “Morden”. In Germany he directed the event movie “Error 2000” starring Jurgen Prochnow, Götz Otto and Desmond Lewelyn. Anders Engström was awarded  the Venla (Finnish Emmy) as "Best Director" for his mini-series "Isabella". He was nominated for prix Italia for "Stories from a small town".
 Anders Engström is married to Betsy Ångerman and they have two children William Engström and Vanja Engström.

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