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Solar Films / Jan Granström
Laila (Anu Sinisalo) seduces Vares in The Kiss of Evil.


A young student is found stabbed, and her family hires Vares to
investigate the case.

Solar Films / Jan Granström
Vares and Lieutenant Hautavainio (Ilkka Heiskanen).
Autumn is in the air in Turku.
Private investigator Jussi Vares tries to earn a living with trivial shadowing jobs.
His life seems to lack direction and he feels the world has become a strange and heartless place.

Solar Films / Jan Granström
Antti Reini is Vares.
His grim routine is luckily interrupted by the book release party of short-story writer Luusalmi, where he and his friends get completely drunk. On his way home, the drunken Vares almost gets himself killed when he saves his acquaintance Adder Pack from a group of attacking hooligans.
Vares’s daily life becomes more exciting when the family of a young girl, Kerttu, who was found stabbed in the spring hire him to investigate her unsolved death.
Vares feels slightly suspicious of the fact that the mother of the slain girl is the sister of his lover, a busty married woman Laila.
Vares does not wish to mix his private life with his work, but Laila only finds the increased risk of getting caught more exciting.
As he delves into the case of the murdered girl, he soon realises that the culprit must have been a close acquaintance of hers or, at least, someone with a personal motive.

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