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Markus Selin (born 16th March 1960) is the most successful producer in the recent re-birth of popular Finnish cinema.

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The most successful producer in the recent re-birth of popular Finnish cinema, Markus Selin, was chosen as Finnish producer of the year in 1999. He has won the Finnish ‘most successful movie’ audience poll eight times and his movies have collected 40 Finnish Movie Awards until 2015.
Selin works as a producer in Solar Films, the company he founded in 1995. Under his management, the company has become the leading production company in Finland in the fields of drama and entertainment.
Selin’s local No 1 top performers during the last years:
2015 Antti J. Jokinen's The Midwife, 226 597 admissions
2015 Taneli Mustonen's Reunion, 505 376 admissions
2014 Dome Karukoski's The Grump, 500 652 admissions
2012 Antti J. Jokinen's Purge, 207 643 admissions
2011 Anders Engström's The Kiss of Evil, 203 695 admissions
2009 Aleksi Mäkelä’s Rööperi (Hellsinki), 257 000 admissions
2006 Aleksi Mäkelä’s Matti (Matti - Hell is for Heroes), 461 314 admissions
2005 Aku Louhimies’ Paha maa (Frozen Land), 171 709 admissions
2004 Aleksi Mäkelä’s Vares, 201 097 admissions
2003 Aleksi Mäkelä’s Pahat pojat (Bad Boys - A True Story), 614 757 admissions

Solar Films / Rampe Toivonen

Finnish Movie Awards "Jussis" to movies produced by Markus Selin (41 wins):

Flowers Of Evil: best production design Santtu Toivola
The Midwife:
best leading actress Krista Kosonen, best supporting actor Pirkka-Pekka Petelius
The Grump: best leading actor Antti Litja
Above Dark Waters: best supporting actress Matleena Kuusniemi
Purge: best leading actress Laura Birn, best supporting actress Liisi Tandefelt, best cinematography Rauno Ronkainen, best sound design Kirka Sainio, best make up artist Riikka Virtanen
Fanatics (Bronson Club): best leading actor Eero Ritala
Run Sister Run!: best supporting actress Sara Melleri
Hellsinki: best supporting actor Peter Franzén, best costume design Tiina Kaukanen, best set design Pirjo Rossi
The Home of Dark Butterflies: best director Dome Karukoski, best supporting actor Pertti Sveholm, best editing Harri Ylönen
Frozen City: best director Aku Louhimies, best leading actor Janne Virtanen, best leading actress Susanna Anteroinen, best script Paavo Westerberg and Mikko Kouki, best editing Samu Heikkilä
Frozen Land: best film Markus Selin, best director Aku Louhimies, best supporting actor Sulevi Peltola, best supporting actress Matleena Kuusniemi, best script Paavo Westerberg, Jari Rantala and Aku Louhimies, best editing Samu Heikkilä, best sound design Kirka Sainio, Janne Laine and Samu Heikkilä, best costume design Tiina Kaukanen
Vares - Private Eye: best editing Kimmo Taavila
Bad Boys - A True Story: best photography Pini Hellstedt, best sound design Jyrki Rahkonen
Me and Morrison: best actress Irina Björklund
The South: best actress Outi Mäenpää
Restless: best score Leri Leskinen, best editing Samu Heikkilä
The Tough Ones: best supporting actor Kalevi Haapoja
Sunset Riders: best director Aleksi Mäkelä, best actor Juha Veijonen

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