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Profile: private eye Jussi Valtteri Vares

Vares is a lonely rider.  He has a way with woman but is afraid of falling in love. The violent death of a past lover lies behind that fear.

Solar Fims / Jan GranströmVares is, after all, a man with an eye for the ladies. Though this relationship has the makings of something bigger.
Jussi is not a gunslinger, but when the shit hits the fan he can perform with his hands. He doesn't kill however.
He's a drinking man but one who can hold his liquor. Doesn't seem to get drunk - or at least not too drunk.
Has reasonable biceps and has been seen in the gym checking out his condition.
Squash, golf and spinning are not on his agenda. Vares gulps down meatballs but leaves the salad on the plate. Not your salad-man type.

Solar Films / Jan GranströmBorn: on Midsummer evening 1958, Merikarvia, Finland.
Starsign: his standard story for the ladies is that according to the Chinese horoscope he is half bull, half pig. Alias Spam.
Education: some legal studies, passed three exams in five years. Greater achievements in the faculty of life.
Profession: private eye. Confidential investigations. Positive: can do good sometimes, even substantial good on occasion. Negative: lurks constantly in the shadows.
Favorite dish: pancake batter. Mix up approximately 30 liters of liquid pancake batter in a plastic container. Hide on the sunny side of the woodshed for four days. Consume with relaxing company.
Favorite drinks: beer and “Janitor´s Day Off” – a brandy and coke without the coke.
Favorite book: The series featuring Gunilla The Nurse (78 volumes). The only part lacking from his bookshelf is volume 47: Gunilla Meets The Tall Dark Surgeon. Vares is prepared to pay an arm and a leg for the missing volume.
Hobbies: Outdoor activities indoors. The inner life of women. Hockey watching. Does not dance, does not play golf, does not attend group spinning classes.
Favorite type of woman: High heels, high income. Does not lie, does not catch Vares out in his own little lies. Does not squeeze the nuts too hard, because that hurts.
(This feature character description by author Reijo Mäki: the way he saw them as he wrote the book)\

Solar Films / Jan Granström. Suurenna kuva täyteen kokoon hiiren painalluksella.

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