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Soar Films / Jani Häkli.


Strange things happen in Land of Two Rivers. Women want Vares alive, but who wants him to be killed?

The body of a young woman is found in the region of Ostrobothnia. The finder of the body, a dismissed pastor named Hukkanen, hires Jussi Vares to investigate the crime.
This launches the strangest case in Vares’s career. He travels to Kahdenvirranmaa (Land of Two Rivers), a small, languishing village gripped by a powerful sect.
Vares finds lodgings in the only inn/public house in the village and becomes acquainted with innkeeper Peitsara and local village idiot Paskamantteli (meaning “shit coat”).
The village seems to be full of stranger-than-life characters. The woman working at the library is yearning for carnal love, and Vares finds a pair of boots, which are dusted every day, in the closet of his room.
Vares attends a local sermon and succeeds in arousing the wrath of the village’s police chief.
Wherever Vares goes, he is met by even more bizarre events. The filing cabinets of the local psychiatric hospital hide dark secrets, and the senior physician seems to have half the village as his patients.
Vares also ends up in the same asylum, although against his will, forces himself off his strong medication and manages to escape, taking a few patient files with him.
Vares moves into the hideout of his ally Paskamantteli. The patient files reveal interesting information and Vares uncovers a criminal ring involved in extortion, religious scams, exploitation of minors and stock market speculation.
Old accomplices meet in order to settle a score – at same time, Vares gets awfully close to the end of his worldly existence. .
Evil gets its due and Vares realises that, for once, he has come to a place where there are even weirder characters than at the New Pharmacy Pub.

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