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Among others, they are waiting for the president

The whole village goes insane as the word of the President’s visit spreads out

SYLVI (Wilma Rosenqvist)Sylvi.
Life is a blast – but not if you’re 15 years old, you live far up north in Lapland, your mother is a loud-mouthed barkeeper, you have one week to learn how to play the Finlandia hymn on a violin and the President ruins your dawning romance.

ALLI (Merja Larivaara)
Alli laughs out loud and plays it rough – exactly like the barkeeper of the village needs to do.

MAIJA KELLINSALMI (Marjaana Maijala)
Maija Kellinsalmi.
Maija is a woman who wants to lead a life that’s full of dangers and freedom – like an airline stewardess.

Martti Kellinsalmi.
Damned is the day when the Assistant Engineer of the County invented the Santa Claus Village project.

LIISA (Miina Turunen)
Liisa is the village nurse. Everyone knows that. But very little else is known about this mystical character.

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