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Solar Films / Jan Granström
Aleksi Mäkelä and Samuli Edelmann in shootings summer 2010.

The most successful director in Finland

Aleksi Mäkelä is the most successful of the modern era Finnish film directors: the total domestic audience of his movies in theatrical release is over 2,5 million.

Solar Films / Rampe ToivonenThe Tough Ones (1999) was one of the key factors in the recent rise of the Finnish cinema, with an audience of 330,000. The Tough Ones was the Finnish Entry for Oscar 1999 as "Best Foreign Language Film".
The biggest domestic box office hit ever, Bad Boys, drew a phenomenal audience of 615,000. After that, Vares - Private Eye was also the number one domestic movie of its release year 2004.
Mäkelä's next movie Matti - Hell is for Heroes was the most popular film in Finland in 2006 with an audience of 462,000. Matti is still number two Finnish box office hit since the eighties.
The next number one domestic box office hit in Mäkelä's career was Hellsinki in 2009.
Home Sweet Home is his tenth feature film. His debut The Romanov Stones was released in 1993.
His movies have collected eleven Finnish Film Awards (Jussi Award) and five Most Popular Movie of the Year Awards.
An exceptional tribute happened to Aleksi Mäkelä in 2009 when he was awarded The State Prize for Cinema.


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