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Solar Films / Jan Granström
Pauli (Heikki Silvennoinen) in Tansania, Africa.


A farce about blackmailing, a kidney transplant operation performed at home, deviants and human relationships!

Solar Films / Rampe Toivonen
Pena (Oiva Lohtander ) with the mini pig.
Lauri Mustonen, kidney transplant surgeon, and Pauli Bergström, insect researcher, are housemates at a prestigious address. Their home is owned by an elderly lady, Lydia Molotova, who hasn’t raised the rent for years. Complications erupt when Lydia hands the property over to her nephew as advance inheritance. Master Sergeant John Molotov, a greedy heir, instantly hikes the rent into the stratosphere and, as an added bonus, shoves his old aunt into residence with her erstwhile tenants: the kidney cutter and the insectologist.
Solar Films / Miska Reimaluoto
Pauli (Heikki Silvennoinen), Lauri (Mikko Kivinen) and Inkeri (Mari Turunen):
It’s an edgy situation but the two bachelors decide to follow Lydia’s advice and sublet a bedroom to help cover costs - with hilarious results. The new tenant is Robban Palmberg, of Robban’s Inside-Out Boys - a neighboring company specializing in interior design and detailed personal styling.
Surgeon Lauri is not impressed by his new housemate’s plans to redecorate the apartment with the assistance of a crowd of flighty boyfriends. Insectologist Pauli dithers as Lauri shapes up to fight for his rights and re-establish the good old days.
It emerges that landlord John Molotov suffers from a dysfunctional kidney. Lauri decides it’s in everyone’s best interests to conduct a spot of surgery. To avoid the endless queues at the clinic, the operation will take place in the apartment. A spare transplant kidney is liberated from the hospital. Lauri performs what appears to be routine surgery.
However, soon after the operation it is discovered that instead of a regular transplant organ, the new landlord’s abdomen accidentally contains insect lunch! Generic kidney: the favored food item of Pauli’s pet arthropods. Master Sergeant Molotov learns, the hard way, new modes of inflicting discomfort as the lunch-kidney’s resident bugs begin to nibble on his internals. A replacement kidney is required to save his life. Perhaps the janitor of the apartments … ?
Meanwhile, to add to the confusion, Molotov is falling in love with Hospital-Superintendent Marketta Riihiranta-Mustonen … who happens to be Lauri’s ex-wife.
The material makes for crazy farce. The plot, which piles absurdity upon the absurd, hurtles the characters from one disaster to another with the speed and panache that is the trademark of the most popular ensemble of comedians in Finland; the Kummeli group (permanent members Heikki Silvennoinen, Timo Kahilainen, Heikki Hela, Heikki Vihinen),
the most popular ensemble of comedians in Finland.

Lauri Mustonen
  Mikko Kivinen
Pauli Bergström  Heikki Silvennoinen
Robban Palmberg   Timo Kahilainen
John Molotov    Heikki Hela
Lydia Molotova   Tuija Ernamo
Inkeri Sortavala   Mari Turunen
Marketta   Ritva Jalonen
Hirvonen   Jussi Lampi
Pena, Robban´s father Oiva Lohtander
Macke    Heikki Vihinen
Rafu     Risto Korhonen
Kicke     Jasper Pääkkönen
Rautiainen   Leea Klemola
Night Guard    Juha Veijonen
Butler    Auvo Vihro
Tv-reporter   Jukka Rasila
Man at the gas station  Taneli Mäkelä
John Molotov, 5 years  Riku Ustinov  

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