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The poster picture: Laura Malmivaara and Mikko Nousiainen.

THE RESTLESS - When you are too old to be young and too young to be old

When anything feels like nothing...
Ari, 27, (MIKKO NOUSIAINEN) is an ambulance doctor working with the City of Turku Fire Department. Outside of work his main hobbies are one night stands. He doesn´t want to meet any of them again because he is certain that commitment equals pain and he doesn´t want to hurt anybody. Superficially, everything is fine, until Ari realises he is unable to feel anything at all.

Tiina (LAURA MALMIVAARA) meets Ari on the beach and they wind
Laura Malmivaara as Tiina
up in his apartment together. Without really intending to, they start dating each other, reaching the point where Tiina, falling in love, begins to look for commitment. She introduces Ari to her closest circle of friends: Ilona, Hanna-Riikka and their boyfriends, Stig (PETTERI SUMMANEN) and Riku (VALTTERI ROIHA).
Knowing that it´s their last free summer before careers kick in, the sextet aims to spend the light, sunny months partying and having fun.
Ilona (MATLEENA KUUSNIEMI) has been dating Stig since her teens - so long that their relationship has become more companiable than passionate. They are to marry soon and Ilona is making a last-ditch attempt to find some variety and thrills.
Hanna-Riikka (IRINA BJÖRKLUND), a Lutheran priest, challenges Ari to discuss what his behaviour is doing to the group of friends.
A connection forms between them on an intellectual level as Ari begins to find her philosophy fascinating.
But Ari can´t help himself. Friendship turns to hatred and Ari
In sailing boat
gradually realizes that he has managed to hurt people who have cared for him.
It´s autumn: the friends try to patch up their differences. But at Stig´s and Ilona´s wedding fantasy ends and the truth emerges.
And Ari realizes that finally he´s able to feel something ...


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