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Jonna (Mi Grönlund) and Alex (Jasper Pääkkönen)

ADDICTION - When nothing is enough...

A story about a woman and her destructive obsession

The topic of the film Addiction gradually chose director

Minna Virtanen
Minna Virtanen. She keenly observes her surroundings and trends of the times.
”Some of these you can’t get out of your mind and your subconscious starts working on them. This is what also happened in this case. I noticed that addictions had become a real trend and this is where the idea for a woman addicted to sex came from”
Virtanen feels that instead of living we are obsessed with performance. People are searching for instant satisfaction instead of the real or genuine.
”Taken to an extreme sex has replaced human relationships as well as intimacy and a sense of belonging”, comments Virtanen.
”The single lifestyle which represents freedom, promotes this by sending out the message: don’t commit, but do have as much no strings attached sex as you can!”
Virtanen feels that therapists would have a real queue of women patients suffering from addiction to sex, were it not that it is viewed as embarrassing.
”Men who stray and are out of control receive understanding, but the opposite if true for women”
Minna Virtanen says that in the story of Jonna all the pieces fit the description of a sexaholic.
”The main character gets involved with a younger man. If a man takes control it feels like salvation. The woman is hooked and thinks she has improved, as she no longer seeks one night stands.”


Jonna (Mi Grönlund) is an ambitious career woman in her 30`s, whose life appears to be in order in every way: she is the star of the advertising agency, has a distinguished husband and two children. Jonna lives a double life. She is not satisfied with a steady marriage and searches for temporary sexual partners, believing that she is in control of the situation. The one night stands and affairs draw her into cycle of dependency, which she cannot get out of.
The out of control obsession leads into a downward spiral both at home and at work. Niklas (Nicke Lignell), her husband suffers the most, at night while waiting for his wife to come home, he puts their children to bed and reads them bedtime stories. Alex (JasperPääkkönen), a young and handsome yachtsman, enters Jonna’s world of deceit, but he is playing his own game with his own rules. Jonna is hooked on him and to her dismay realizes that to him she is but a new name on an already long list.
Addiction is the tale of a woman’s sexuality and the progression of something natural into an obsession.

Selected technical credits
Cinematographer MARK STUBBS
Costume Designer TIINA KAUKANEN
Production Designer PÄIVI KETTUNEN
Screenwriter LARA MOON
Original novel by LEENA LEHTOLAINEN
Executive Producer JUKKA HELLE

Produced by Solar Films Inc.
In association with Channel Four Finland / Pirjo Airaksinen
Supported by  The Finnish Film Foundation / Olli Soinio 2004
Distributed by Buena Vista International Finland

 35 mm / colour / 1.85:1 / dolby digital / 103 min.

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