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It sure ruins my day when...

The Grump (Antti Litja) © Solar Films / Marek Sabogal
The Grump (Antti Litja) © Solar Films / Marek Sabogal


The Grump
is a man from the past. A man who knows that everything used to be so much better in the old days. Pretty much everything that’s been done after 1953 has always managed to ruin The Grump’s day.

Our story unfolds as The Grump takes a fall from his basement steps, hurting his ankle. He has to spend a weekend in Helsinki to attend physiotherapy. The Grump doesn’t like this for four reasons: 1) He has to take a taxi. 2) He can’t take daily care of his wife, an Alzheimer’s patient. 3) He can’t drive, which means he might have to sit in a car with a female driver. 4) He has to spend time with his family.

The daughter-in-law is a career woman, not keen to spend time with The Grump when he comes to the city. Her boss has given her the task to look after Russian businessmen supposed to close a major deal over the weekend. It doesn’t make her any happier when The Grump decides to help with the deal.

Then The Grump has to face his useless son to become the father he never was, teaching his son how to take care of his loved ones. A thing The Grump has never been able to do.

And somebody’s day will be ruined.


The Grump had its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival on the 4th of September 2014. The Finnish premiere was on 5th of September 2014. After a week in movie theaters in Finland, The Grump has already 92 719 admissions (dated 15th Sept).


The Grump - Antti Litja
The Wife - Petra Frey
The Daughter-in-Law - Mari Perankoski
The Son - Iikka Forss

+ Viktor Drevitski, Kari Ketonen, Mikko Neuvonen, Bruno Puolakainen, Janne Reinikainen, Alina Tomnikov

Director - Dome Karukoski
Producers - Jukka Helle, Markus Selin, Ingvar Thordarson, Júliús Kemp
Screenplay - Tuomas Kyrö, Dome Karukoski
Original books - Tuomas Kyrö
Cinematography - Pini Hellstedt F.S.C.
Music - Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson
Editing - Harri Ylönen
Sound - Tuomas Klaavo
Costumes - Anna Vilppunen
Set design - Betsy Ångerman-Engström
Make-up - Kata Launonen

Finland, 2014
104 minutes
Colour, DCP
Cinemascope 1:2,39
Arri Alexa

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