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Kuva: Juha Reunanen
Strarring Lauri Nurkse, Peter Franzén, Jasper Pääkkönen and Niko Saarela: Sometimes following the rules is not an option.


The story of four brothers gathered 615,000 viewers to cinema theatres - more than twelve percent of the Finnish population and more than any other domestic movie since 1989.

The story bases on four Finnish brothers, nicknamed ’the Eura Daltons’ who received nation-wide notoriety for tearing gas pumps apart when they needed cash.

For all their life, Otto, Matti, Ilkka and Eero Takkunen have been under the thumb of their tyrannical father who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. Strict discipline is kept with raised fists, belt lashes and even a sickle, and child benefits have gone down the drain. Drawing inspiration from the Holy Bible the despotic father believes firmly on the evil nature of television, chewing gum and fashion. He raises his children under unrelenting cruelty.
The boys are used to getting more sympathy from the animals on their farm than from the rest of the society. Their home has no electricity and they survive on charity, eating mainly blueberry mush. They spend their time reading comics and working out, but they never resort to violence.
When their father is put away into a mental institution, the boys are left to manage on their own. Adrift without help or guidance, they make ends meet by robbing slot machines. They get by, but hunger for more, and soon start robbing unmanned gas stations.
The ever-deepening path of crime and secrecy forces them to independence. With their father gone, their greatest desire - to be like everyone else - is finally within their reach, but there are many obstacles on their way to acceptance.

One liner:Sometimes following the rules is not an option
Two liner: The Takkunen brothers are every mother’s dream: they don’t drink, smoke or curse – yet they have committed over hundred robberies.

Takkunen brothers Ilkka, Eero, Otto and Matti.


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