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The dark, unspoken history binds two women

Purge is a breathtakingly suspenseful story of two women dogged by their own shameful pasts and the dark, unspoken history that binds them.

Aliide (Liisi Tandefelt) and Zara (Amanda Pilke).
Aliide (Liisi Tandefelt) and Zara (Amanda Pilke).

PURGE is a story of two women from two different eras linked by separate tales of deceit, desperation - and fear.
Aliide has experienced the horrors of the Stalin era and the deportation of Estonians to Siberia, but she herself has to cope with the guilt of opportunism and even manslaughter.
One night in 1992 she finds a young woman in the courtyard of her house; Zara has just escaped from the claws of the Russian mafia who held her as a sex slave.
Aliide later finds out that the girl is related to her. Survivors both, Aliide and Zara engage in a complex arithmetic of suspicion and revelation to distill each other’s motives; gradually, their stories emerge, the culmination of a tragic family drama of rivalry, lust, and loss that played out during the worst years of Estonia’s Soviet occupation.

Author Sofi Oksanen
Author Sofi Oksanen
PURGE - the novel's literary awards and publishing info

European Book Prize (European Union, 2010)
The FNAC prize (Le Prix du roman Fnac) (France, 2010)
Prix Femina Ètranger (France, 2010)
An Indie Next List Notable selection (US, 2010)
A Barnes & Noble Summer 2010 Discover title (2010)
The Nordic Council Literature Award (2010)

In Finland Purge has won seven awards, including the most prestigious Finlandia Award.

Publishing outside Finland
The novel Purge has 38 foreign publishers of which 18 have already published the novel so far. These include major markets like France, Germany, Italy, the US and the UK where the novel has sold extremely well. The novel has been massively praised by critics and has received extensive media coverage. In the UK Sunday Times chose Purge as one of the best books of 2010.

The theatre version of Purge has been performed in Finland, Germany, Sweden and New York/USA, and it will be performed also in Estonia and Norway among others.

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