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Director Marja Pyykkö (left) with her young stars Ada Kukkonen


A moving story about the pain and beauty of being young

Run Sister Run is a movie about 15 year-old Emilia and her struggle between family and passionate friendship when she's trying to find her own path and identity.


Solar Films / Jan Granström
Director Marja Pyykkö
The story focuses on the short period of time when young girls grow out of their families and start to look for their own path towards adulthood and independence. Life isn't scrapbooks and gymnastics for today's girls. Strong women do not spring up out of nowhere - it takes a lot of hard choices and mistakes.

Our main characters are the stars of their own lives, not victims of time and place. The girls are taking action and making big decisions, ones they are not necessarily ready to make.

My goal is to capture the feeling of being young in today's world. To show how it feels when you have to run because walking doesn't take you there fast enough, when instead of speaking you just have to shout. How it feels when you get busted for fucking the fat guy in the cemetery and you just can't stop laughing, or when you see you little sister's smile fading and realize you're not her hero anymore.

I want to remind that no matter how badly you might screw up, it doesn't mean that you life is ruined for good. I want show the beauty of those moments when life happens right now and right here. Everything is possible and there's always air under your sneakers.

Life is always worth it, no matter what!

Marja Pyykkö
Director, scriptwriter

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