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The novel, script and directing: Peter Franzén

Above Dark Waters has been Peter Franzén’s own project from the beginning to the end; he has written the novel and the screenplay for the movie. He directed the movie and plays a major supporting role in it.

A word from the director

Solar Films / Jan Granström
Peter Franzén oman elokuvansa kuvauksissa elokuussa 2012.
I am sincerely grateful to all those people who have worked for this movie. The subject is so close to myself that it was wonderful to get all these co-workers, familiar from a long way back, to build this world. And what a fine world they managed to create.

The gifted, symphatetic child actors made us all think every day why this story is being filmed. What it’s like to be a child. The grown-up actors sparked life to all the characters of my memories; I love them all, even those I can never forgive.

The purpose of the movie is to console, to point out and be an example how a child on the edge of adulthood can perceive his life ahead. How the love of your closest can effect your problems and turning points in a positive way. In the simplest way: how important it is to have someone present.

Solar Films / Rampe Toivonen
Ohjaaja talvikuvauksissa Keminmaassa 26. helmikuuta 2013.
Homo homini lupus est – man is a wolf to his fellow man. But man can also be fire, love. A safe haven.

Peter Franzén

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