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Leena Lander is one of the most translated Finnish authors.

Pertti Nisonen / WSOY
Leena Lander
For Leena Lander (Born 25th October 1955 in Turku) the seventh time is the charm. During the 1980s she wrote six well-received historical novels depicting, for example, 17th-century witch hunts, the forest Finns of Värmland and the unrelenting life in the sawmills of the early 20th century. These novels, which employed various documentary sources, were admired but the real breakthrough was yet to come.

Tummien perhosten koti (The Home of the Dark Butterflies), short-listed for the Finlandia Prize in 1991, proved such both commercially and critically; and in a event extremely rare for a Finnish book, the film rights were acquired by Hollywood. The two subsequent volumes that complete the trilogy, Tulkoon myrsky (1994; May the Storm Come) and Iloisen kotiinpaluun asuinsijat (1997; Happy Reunion), also chronicle the history of a Finnish mining family.

Translated into nine languages, the trilogy holds countless levels of past and present that shape into a spell-binding labyrinth of dark secrets and historical conjunctions. In Lander's work the past has never been and gone; instead, it is that in which transgressions and achievements are passed like a baton from one generation to the next.

The Home of the Dark Butterflies has been translated to fourteen languages and published in twenty countries. It is the first novel translated from Finnish to Arabic. 

In all three works there move through the background the themes of childhood suffering, mad forbidden love and ecological doom. The multifaceted whole displays the elements of the thriller, the love story, melodrama and the ambitious historical novel. Lander is a story-teller par excellence, a writer who, instead of fragmenting the world, continues to posses the ability to fashion major narratives.


The  Home of the Dark Butterflies (Tummien perhosten koti)
Norwegian (Gyldendal Norsk), French (Actes Sud), Swedish (Bonniers), Danish (Munksgaard), Estonian (Sinisukk), Icelandic (Forlagid), German (Goldmann), Dutch (Wereldbibliotheek), Arabic, Italian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Spanish.
May the Storm Come (Tulkoon myrsky)
Swedish (Bonniers), Danish (Munksgaard), Norwegian (Gyldendal Norsk), Italian (Iperborea), French (Actes Sud), German (Goldmann), Dutch (Wereldbibliotheek)
Happy Reunion (Iloisen kotiinpaluun asuinsijat)
Swedish (Bonniers), Danish (Munksgaard), Norwegian (Gyldendal Norsk), German (Goldmann), French (Actes Sud)
Lankeaa pitkä varjo
German (Goldmann), English (Second Story Press, Canada)

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