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Solar Films / Rampe Toivonen
The Home of Dark Butterflies is Dome Karukoski's second feature film.


The film is based on a praised novel by LEENA LANDER.
Leena Lander
Leena Lander's novel The Home of The dark Butterflies (1991)  has been published in seventeen countries. It was short-listed for the Finlandia Prize in 1991, proved such both commercially and critically; and in an event extremely rare for a Finnish book, the film rights were acquired by Hollywood.

Several years later Solar Films bought the rights and made it happen. Producer Markus Selin hired young Dome Karukoski (graduation film Tyttö sinä olet tähti aka Beauty and Bastard) to direct the film and Marko Leino, born 8.9.1967, (Me and Morrison, Matti, V2 - Dead Angel) to write the script.

A  past to forget, a future to find

Solar Films / Rampe Toivonen
Director Dome Karukoski, Niilo Syväoja and Tommi Korpela.
The principal character of the movie is 14 years old Juhani (played by Niilo Syväoja), haunted and oppressed by a traumatic childhood experience. After being bounced between foster homes and temporary families for six years, Juhani ends up in a Boys’ Home,
The Island. The place is run under the laws and regulations of the superintendent, Olavi Harjula (Tommi Korpela), who is ruthless in his administration. Besides the seven boys and Harjula, the only other inhabitants of the Island are the superintendent’s wife Irene (Kristiina Halttu) and their two daughters, along with Tyyne (Kati Outinen), who’s in charge of the livestock and the catering.
The isolated community is a world of its own.
The movie forces the spectators to ask themselves; how long do you have to keep paying for past mistakes and deeds? When can you forgive yourself and set free? Or can you at all? And are you responsible for other people’s actions?
The Home of Dark Butterflies won’t answer these questions directly – because there are no answers. Every spectator must make his own stand, based on his own moral judgement; what is right and reasonable?
Solar Films / Rampe Toivonen
The boys of the Island. Standing: Sulkava (Iiro Panula), Salmi (Eero Milonoff) and Simola (Henri Huttunen). In front: Hämäläinen (Niko Vakkuri), Rinne (Ville Saksela), Juhani (Niilo Syväoja) and Sjöblom (Roope Karisto).

Solar Films / Rampe Toivonen
Tommi Korpela
Harjula                    TOMMI KORPELA
Juhani                     NIILO SYVÄOJA
Salmi                       EERO MILONOFF
Hämäläinen           NIKO VAKKURI
Sulkava                    IIRO PANULA
Rinne                       VILLE SAKSELA
Simola                     HENRI HUTTUNEN
Sjöblom                   ROOPE KARISTO
Vanamo                  MARJUT MARISTO
Irene                         KRISTIINA HALTTU
Tyyne                        KATI OUTINEN
Erik                            PERTTI SVEHOLM
Maire                         MATLEENA KUUSNIEMI
Orvokki                     EDIT VILJAMAA
Juhani, 7                  SAMU UUTELA 
Social worker         HEIKKI NOUSIAINEN
Policeman              DOME KARUKOSKI
Policewoman         KIRSTI VÄÄNÄNEN

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