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Director Aku Louhimies

 (born 3.7.1968)
Photo: Solar Films / Sanna Hedström
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Aku Louhimies debut feature film Restless (2000) was a major box office hit, just like his second feature Lovers and Leavers (2002).
His third feature Frozen Land (2005) has been a favorite of the audience and the critics from the start.
Three weeks after the premiere Frozen Land was the great winner of 28th Göteborg Film Festival in February 2005 with four awards in Nordic Competition. 

Feature films directed by Aku Louhimies:
Restless (Levottomat ) Solar Films, 2000
Lovers and Leavers (Kuutamolla) MRP, 2002
Frozen Land  (Paha maa) Solar Films, 2005
Man Exposed (Riisuttu mies) Lasihelmifilmi, 2006
Frozen City (Valkoinen kaupunki ) Solar Films, 2006
Tears of April (Käsky) Helsinki-Filmi, 2008
(Updated 03.10.2008)

More about Aku Louhimies

Directors note of Frozen City
"With low production costs we were able to create a creative freedom to make a film that would have been hard to finance otherwise. Shot entirely on location in Helsinki Finland. The Police and the guards are all non-professionals in acting, performing their real duties.
Improvisation is used trough the whole script especially in the scenes including children.
This film is very personal for all of us.
No animals were harmed."

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